Hey, we are Goldmariie. A couple with a great passion for beautiful things, and above all, for beautiful jewelry. We’ve both been working in the jewelry industry since 2014. Besides the countless things we loved about our jobs, we also saw some things that could -and should- be improved. That’s why in 2020 we eventually decided to summon all our courage and found our own jewelry brand. 



We want everyone to be able to afford high-quality jewelry made from high-quality materials. We are a small business, selling online only. This allows us to offer fair prices to everyone without sacrificing sustainability, quality, or ethical sourcing.

We strive to inspire and bring joy to you. And we want to offer you pieces outside of the fast fashion trends conquering the world. 


“Quality isn't expensive, it's priceless”

We want to offer the perfect mix of style, classiness, sustainability, and quality - without having to pay a small fortune for it.

And we want you to have high-quality Sterling Silver and the best possible Vermeil Jewelry only. That’s why all our Vermeil pieces have a gold coating that is twice as thick as normal Vermeil, and all our Silver Jewelry is covered with a layer of rhodium - normally used to upgrade white gold- to improve the durability of our jewelry and make it last longer.

We use only authentic, genuine gemstones that are ethical and sustainably sourced. We love the natural beauty of nature and the fact that each and every piece is unique. Just like the person who wears it.

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We believe that being able to have the chance to try and fulfill our dream and selling our own jewelry is a great privilege. Just like being able to afford and buy this luxury is.

For that reason, we want to give something back. For every piece of Goldmariie Jewelry sold, we will donate to the organization “The Ocean Cleanup”. A small but genuine contribution to help our mother earth recover.

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit engineering organization that developed new technologies to extract plastic pollution from water. By purchasing a ring, necklace, or pendant in our store, you help with cleaning an area the size of the tennis court. 


Our Jewelry


Fair Prices

We want high-quality jewelry to be affordable and accessible for every woman.


100% Authentic Gemstones

Natural Gemstones have a unique sparkle and they don't loose their value over time.


Sustainably made

We all depend on Mother Earth and we see it as our duty to make consumerism sustainable.