How to find out your ring size

Before you order your favorite ring, you would want to know your ring size to make sure your jewelry fits like a charm. If you know your ring size in another country's standard, our conversion chart will help you figure out your ring size in US-Standard.

Option 1: Diameter

If you have a ring that fits the desired finger well, measure the inner diameter of it with a ruler or measuring tape. It's crucial to measure right in the middle where the ring is the widest. Now check in our conversion chart what the diameter converts to in US size.

Option 2: Circumference

If you do not have a ring that fits the desired finger, there's another way to measure your size easily and quickly at home. All you need is a string, a ruler and scissors. If you do not have a string handy, you can also use a thin piece of paper.


  • Cut one end off of the string to make sure it is not frazzled.
  • Wrap the string around the base of the desired finger. Make sure you wrap it very tight but do not cut into your skin.
  • Mark the spot where the string meets its end with your fingernails of thumb and index finger. There should be no overlapping. Hold on tight at this spot.
  • Measure the string from ist end to the spot where your nails are. There is an approximate difference of 2.5mm between the circumferences of two successive rings sizes. Same as with Option 1, try to be as exact as possible.

    If you have very thick knuckles, repeat this procedure where your finger is the thickest. It is better to go with the larger size in this case. That can also help if you are in-between two ring sizes.

    Note: Don't measure your finger straight after getting up in the morning, as this is when your fingers are the slimmest. Our fingers tend to swell during the day.

    You are in-between sizes?

    If you have very slim knuckles go with the smaller size, otherwise opt for the next larger size. We also offer clear, comfy, and super practical ring size adjusters. You can wrap one easily around the ring band. It won't slip off and reduce rings by half a size.