Cleansing Crystals: 8 ways to cleanse your gemstones energetically

When people talk about alternative healing methods, using crystals presumably is at the top of the list. Crystals are believed to possess properties that soothe body, mind, and soul and help find inner calm and balance. They do so by absorbing negative, toxic energies. Therefore we show you here how to cleanse your gemstones energetically to optimize their benefit on your well-being. 

If you were looking for information on how to clean your gemstones to make sure they are nice and shiny, you might want to read our Goldmariie Care Guide.

Why you should cleanse your crystals

As said already, crystals can absorb or redirect negative energies. Experts say they can do so due to their specific geometric physical structure. These structural patterns can produce a continual vibration, the so-called dormant oscillatory rate. This vibration allegedly is responsible for balancing energy-fields surrounding them and supports our well-being. However, it gets disturbed when negative or unwanted energy is stored within the crystal. That happens in particular when crystals travel long distances.

So for your Goldmariie gemstones to unfold their full healing powers: cleanse them after receiving them and regularly after that as well. That way, you ensure they always have the capacity to soak up negativity surrounding them. - Caring for your crystals means caring for yourself.

Eight ways to cleanse your crystals

Natural Light

To use the power of the sun or the moon to cleanse gemstones, place them on your window sill. Preferably on cloudless days or cloudless full moon nights. Expose the crystals to sun- or moonlight for at least four hours straight. Repeat this procedure for two to three nights in a row. You are looking for a method for how to recharge Citrine or Sunstone? Sunlight might work best with those and other crystals of warmer colors - for cleansing and charging. Whereas moonlight is great for cool-colored crystals like Moonstones and Opals.

Please do expose your gemstones to direct sunlight for no longer than 4 hours straight, as their color could fade. To be on the safe side, we recommend using the early morning sun for cleansing rituals. Opal and Amethyst should not be cleansed under sunlight, as this can cause discoloration.

Running Water

Running water is a great neutralizer. Natural water is ideal for cleansing crystals. Yet you can also use tap water if you do not have easy access to a natural stream. Complete submerge each of your gemstones for one to four minutes in the water and dab them dry afterward. 

This method is a brilliant choice for harder crystals such as quartz. Softer stones, especially Opal, should not be cleansed with water. They can absorb moisture, which will cause discoloration. 

Meditation or Visualization

Visualization is a super safe way to cleanse a gemstone and can be used for all types. But it is a personally more challenging one as it requires you to redirect your energy to the crystals you want to cleanse.

Take a few minutes to ground and set your mind at ease. Then hold the crystal in both hands and visualize a bright, radiant light passing through it. Use your thoughts to flush unwanted energy out of the stone. End the process when you feel an energy-shift within the stone. It should take about one to two minutes per crystal.

Brown Rice

Using rice also is a very safe way of cleansing crystals and suitable for all types. Put your gemstone in a bowl of brown rice and let it sit for a minimum of 24 hours. Make sure the stone is completely covered by the grains. The rice then will absorb the bad energy contained in the gemstone. Dispose of the grains right after finishing the process.


You can cleanse and charge crystals with the help of one or more other crystals. It is believed that this is a particularly good method if you are interested in how to clean Amethyst. You can use either clear quartz larger than the stone you want to cleanse or a handful of smaller ones. Both times you place the to-be-cleansed crystal on top and leave it there for 12 to 24 hours. It is thought that the vibrations of the other stones remove unwanted energies for the crystal placed on top.


Using sound is a perfect method when you want to cleanse multiple gemstones at the same time. So-called sound healing lets a single tone wash over an area, making everything vibrate with this tone. Popular ways to create this tone are chanting, a tuning fork, or singing bowls. You can also use a common bell if the ring is not too sharp but soft and somewhat soothing.


Smudging is used in many cultures to cleanse objects, rooms, or other things of unwanted energy. And naturally, it is also said to work for cleansing crystals. The method requires creating smoke using a sage stick, sandalwood, or cedar. Let this sacred smoke surround the crystal for about a minute. The smoke picks up the negative energy and vibrations from the gemstone and carries it away.


Using your breath is also said to be an effective way to cleanse gemstones. Take the crystal in your dominant hand, take a deep breath through your nostrils, and focus on your intention. Bring the stone closer to your face and exhale in short, forceful bursts to cause the gemstone to vibrate. Repeat this procedure for approximately 30 seconds per crystal.

Don't soak in saltwater

Soaking gemstones in saltwater overnight for cleansing purposes is also a well-known practice. However, we don’t recommend doing that with your Goldmariie crystals. Most of our Goldmariie stones -and metals, too- will react with saltwater and could lose their shine.

What cleansing method is the one for me?

As described above, some cleansing methods are not suitable for all gemstones. So if you are uncertain, better pick one that is safe for all kinds of crystal, like visualization, sound healing, or breathwork. Apart from that, there is no general rule on which method works for whom. We recommend using a method that resonates with you and your practices. You might even try two or three of the described procedures and see which one works best for your personal needs.

How often should you cleanse your gemstones?

A good rule of thumb is to cleanse your gemstones once every month. If you have the impression a stone feels heavier than usual, give it an extra treatment in-between.

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