6 Reasons to choose Goldmariie Jewelry that set us apart

Quality, Sustainability, and Happy Customers are what we aim for. Read here what we do to turn our vision into reality.

1. Our Vermeil is two times as thick as legally required

Have you ever bought gold-plated jewelry and were surprised by how fast the plating rubs off? We have. And that’s why all our Vermeil pieces get an extra thick gold coating. Vermeil is the highest quality of gold plating and strictly regulated. The gold layer has to have a thickness of at least 2.5micron. However, we use 5 micron for our jewelry.

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2. We use rhodium plating for our silver jewelry

Every Goldmariie 925 Silver item (not plated with gold) is plated with a thin Rhodium layer instead. Rhodium is a rare, silvery-white, and super durable metal. It is too expensive (more expensive than gold) to make jewelry from it. However, it is fantastic for plating silver jewelry. It gives the jewelry an extra bright and brilliant sheen and makes it more resistant to scratches.

3. Our unique flower settings

You are looking for classy with a fancy twist? Our Goldmariie flower setting does the trick. We love timeless fashion that will not be put away and forgotten after a season of wearing it. That is why we want to keep the majority of our rings elegant and classic. However, the unique flower setting that holds our authentic gemstones adds just the right amount of extravagance.

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4. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service

We want you to feel valued and to know how important you are to us. To show you our appreciation, we will get back to your requests within 24h, by making returns and exchanges easy and hassle-free, and by being real and authentic. There will be no bots or stressed-out agents. We will answer your questions properly or do our best to help to solve your problem. Promised. 

5. We use top quality AAA Moonstones only

You are a big Moonstone lover? Perhaps you already came across some very milky dull ones, which almost no blue sheen at all? That is why we only use high-quality AAA-grade Moonstones for our rings and pendants. Many jewelers use AA-grade Moonstones for their jewelry that might turn out dull and colorless.While every natural gemstone is unique and has its own character, we want that you get what you paid for: that magical blue shimmer to which Moonstone owes its name.

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6. We value fairness and sustainability

Besides our gemstones being sourced conflict-free, it is essential to us that everyone involved with Goldmariie is compensated fairly and their work respected. The same goes for our mother earth. That is why we want to give back: Every item sold will help our environment by extracting plastic from our oceans and saving the habitat of uncountable fish and other sea life - as well as cleaning our air from CO2.

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