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Blazing Star Amethyst Ring

Blazing Star Amethyst Ring

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About This Ring

Looking for an eye-catcher that attracts attention but at the same time is elegant and sophisticated? Blazing star is what you are looking for. With the unique shape of the marquise cut 12mm x 6mm Purple Amethyst, this ring is the ultimate expression of grace and taste. Combine it with Poppy if you want to add a little extra glam.

Purple Amethyst is connected to the mind. It is believed to support your thought processes as well as your intuition. It is said to calm down the mind of its wearer and helps to find clarity where there is confusion.

This ring is made of anti-allergic 925 Sterling Silver with a thick 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil coating that makes the plating extra durable and long-lasting. Blazing Star in combination with other gemstones is also available in 925 Sterling Silver and 14k Rose Gold Vermeil.



Base: anti-allergic, nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver
Plating: 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil
- Authentic Purple Amethyst, 12mm x 6mm, Grade AA
- Marquise cut 


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