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Dahlia Garnet Ring

Dahlia Garnet Ring

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About This Ring

A dazzling Garnet that's elegantly surrounded by a halo of fourteen white topaz stones. pear-cuts are said to be worn by women who have a strong will and move to the beat of their own drum. Dahlia is the perfect choice to wear on days when you might need a little reminder of your inner strength.

Our Garnet Dahlia is made of a 925 nickel-free, anti-allergic 925 Sterling Silver base with a thick 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil coating that makes the plating extra durable and long-lasting.

Garnet is believed to improve your well-being by boosting your confidence and by revitalizing your body and soul. It is also the stone of strength and safety and said to protect its wearer from bad karma.



Base: anti-allergic, nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver
Plating: 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil
- Authentic Garnet, 7mm x 5mm, Grade AA encircled by a halo of fourteen 1,5mm x 1,5mm white topaz
- Pear-shaped brilliant-cut 
- Ringband adorned with fourteen authentic white topaz gemstones


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