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Heather Moonstone Ring

Heather Moonstone Ring

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About This Ring

Meet Heather, our glamourous, retro, oval cut beauty. In the center of a ring band with white topaz stones shines an 8mm x 10mm authentic Moonstone. The stunning centerpiece is held by our elegant and special Goldmariie flower setting.

Moonstone is a milky white stone. It stands for inner strength and growth and only reveals its mystic, stunning blue glow when touched by the light.

This ring is made of an anti-allergic 925 Sterling Silver base with a thick 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil coating that makes the plating extra durable and long-lasting. It goes perfectly with our stackables Lotus and Poppy. Heather combined with Moonstone is also available in 925 Sterling Silver and 14k Rose Gold Vermeil.


Base: anti-allergic, nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver
Plating: 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil
- Authentic Moonstone, 3.9"" x 3.1""/ 10mm x 8mm, Grade AAA
- Oval brilliant-cut
- Ringband adorned with 10 authentic white topaz gemstones

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