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Blazing Star White Topaz Ring

Blazing Star White Topaz Ring

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About This Ring

Looking for an eye-catcher that attracts attention but at the same time is elegant and sophisticated? Blazing star is what you are looking for. With the unique shape of the marquise cut 12mm x 6mm White Topaz, this ring is the ultimate expression of grace and taste. Combine it with Poppy if you want to add a little extra glam.

White Topaz is a symbol of love, peace, hope, and inspiration. It is a very popular crystal to wear and use during meditation.

This ring is made of anti-allergic 925 Sterling Silver with a thick 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil coating that makes the plating extra durable and long-lasting. Blazing Star in combination with White Topaz is also available in 925 Sterling Silver and 14k Rose Gold Vermeil.



Base: anti-allergic, nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver
Plating: 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil
- Authentic White Topaz, 12mm x 6mm, Grade AA
- Marquise cut 


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